In My Study: notes by Craig Robertson

List of podcasts and subjects (mp3 files)

No. Subjects Interview (included with)
1 Things in my study, my project table, the "Out of Africa" debate. (3' 46"; 1.7 Mb) Martin Friedel
2 Collecting plant specimens; a half-composted copy of Peter Mathers' novel the Wort Papers that he gave me; notes on gardens; the dialectic between art and nature. (4' 58"; 2.3 Mb) Peter Mathers
3 Expeditions, their relationship to the study; on adventure. (3' 54"; 1.8 Mb) Nicola Stern
4 Collecting stones; favourite stones; geology as literature. (4' 23"; 2 Mb) Jack Douglas
5 Secondhand bookshops (5' 01"; 4.6 Mb) Frank Kellaway
6 Ontological security, or is it insecurity? Art and its role in culture, especially stories. (5' 33"; 2.5 Mb) Stan Farley
7 The study project: why we do it. (4' 03"; 4.6 Mb) Nancy Millis
8 My old biscuit tin; the local and the global. (4' 37"; 4.2 Mb) Geoff Lacey
9 The past and memory; the role of the past. (7' 53"; 3.6 Mb)
These notes were used for a forum The Past Matters presented by the Eltham Bookshop and Nillumbik Reconciliation Group, and held in the Eltham Courthouse in April, 2006.
Joy Bear
10 Ethical life; what the cases of Lindy Chamberlain, Jacqueline Gillespie, Helen Darville and Schapelle Corby might tell us. (9' 51"; 4.5 Mb) Note: This list was no sooner posted (May, 2012) than news came of heightened expectation that Schapelle Corby would be released from the Indonesian prison early, but maybe not that early. Then came the dramatic fourth coroner's inquest into the death of Azaria Chamberlain; after 32 years it was finally made official that she was killed by a dingo and not her innocent and grieving mother. These cases continue to stir the public psyche and our ability to tell right from wrong; well-known comedian Wendy Harmer publicly apologised for her contribution to the mind-set that put Lindy Chamberlain into jail with a life sentence (Google it). Rosemary Balmford
11 Alone at night - notes on quietness, concentration, Raymond Chandler and astronomers. (4' 35"; 4.2 Mb) Don Mathewson
12 The Cradle of Humankind (6' 59"; 6.4 Mb) Bill Compston
13 Human evolution and civilization (5' 41"; 5.2 Mb) Len Puglisi
14 Recent archaeological tourism and souvenirs (7' 17"; 3.3 Mb) Francis Thackeray Part I
15 Evolution and humanism (4' 51"; 2.2 Mb) Francis Thackeray Part II
16 Reflections on Ice: exploring old Gondwana Part I
Antarctica; the silence; not settled; Mars. (6' 04"; 2.8 Mb) *
Vic & Olga Gostin Part I
17 Reflections on Ice:exploring old Gondwana Part II
Nothofagus forests; imaginative landscape. (4' 50"; 2.2 Mb) *
Vic & Olga Gostin Part II
18 Maps and mapping (5' 16"; 4.8 Mb) Frank Leahy

* These are not included in the interview podcasts, and are only posted as separate mp3 files.

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