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A CD-ROM by Craig Robertson

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The main content of the CD is the novel with over 200 photos and around 30 sound and movie files; the table of contents is as listed below.

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The Expedition: CD cover

The Expedition: a novel in multimedia
(ISBN 0-9750812-0-9)
CD-ROM designed and produced by Craig Robertson
Cover art: Barney Gleeson
© Copyright Craig Robertson, 2003

Part I is about a scientific expedition from a museum to the Kimberley, Western Australia, to find the sites of the first human occupation of Australia. The expeditioners undertake archaeological excavations and explore along the ancient limestone reef forming the Napier Range. Their adventure reaches a climax as the chief scientist leading the expedition and his former son-in-law, a sculptor, struggle for possession of a chance find in a deep cave. The expeditioners are seemingly drowned in a sudden flood.

Part II is another expedition, on two levels, both starting in the sea. One level tells of an old aboriginal couple grieving for their lost children. They set off on a journey across their country to look for them, eventually arriving at a waterhole.

The other level tells the story of human evolution through the activity of a group of characters who gradually reveal themselves to be the same group from Part I. After a long journey they too eventually arrive at a waterhole. There are also two spirits, a boy and a girl, who interact with both levels throughout these journeys. Events at the waterhole bring the two levels back together in a dramatic conclusion.

The Expedition CD-ROM: Table of Contents

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The Expedition: a novel

Part I: Prelude (start here) Part II: Interlude
Chapter 1 Chapter 8
Chapter 2 Chapter 9
Chapter 3 Chapter 10
Chapter 4 Chapter 11
Chapter 5 Chapter 12
Chapter 6 Chapter 13
Chapter 7 Chapter 14
  Part III: Prelude
  Chapter 15
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